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Arlene was born in Chicago, IL and holds a degree in Architecture graduating in 1986 with the 5 year professional architecture degree in design as program from University of IL.


Early Life

With her father being a mechanical engineer they left Chicago to live and work overseas. Arlene lived in and spent her childhood years in living in different foreign countries and was at the same time was exposed to and experienced many different cultures living and attending school among them: Beirut, Lebanon, Sydney, Australia and Brussels Belgium. 'We moved every six months to a year' she says.


The family returned to Oak Park in 1971, her mother's hometown. She attended Oak Park grade schools and Oak Park River Forest High School. She took architecture courses in High School starting in Freshman and Sophmore year.



Arlene loves creating spaces which have a clean modern athestic while at the same time ones as being  visually relaxing, one designed with graciousness and peaceful to the mind. Each design is individual and respects and fits into its surroundings. She designs everything as far as design commissions from a small bathroom and interior, to all new construction and to full freestanding new houses.


She has Australian influences as her father's side and family are now are permanent residents of Brisbane and Sydney Australia.


Family Legacy

She has longtime links the the building and engineering profession. Her family members have been four generations in the building, design, and engineering industry.  Her ancestors were prominent mechanical engineers. Her dad was a mechanical engineer. Her maternal great grandfather was a mechanical engineer, contractor and inventor. He is credited as an engineer contractor working for Frank Lloyd Wright from 1893-1910. He is credited with the UNESCO World Heritage site with Unity Temple, and Darwin D. Martin House in Buffalo, NY.  Read more of the story and history from the family archives here: FosterandGlidden


Arlene always excited and and passionate about the profession, she has stayed active in professional Associations including Committees for the AIA as AIA Design Committee, Housing Comittee and also volunteering on the Frank Lloyd Wright Wright Plus House Walk, with Frank Lloyd Wright Trust.



In her free time she enjoys long visiting gardens, long walks, and relaxing with daily coffees, espressos, and cappuccinos and a glass of wine while watching tv and a nice Netflix movie. She also spends time socially contacting and writing and her friends and family locally and overseas.


Arlene in front of Lake Forest House by David Adler

This was a showcase house walk in 2013

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